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Private Cloud VS Public Cloud: What Is the Right Choice for Your Business

Private cloud computing is a form of cloud computing that is used within a corporate firewall, and is controlled by a company’s IT department. Private cloud computing therefore provides greater data security, however the company also takes on the possible risk of natural disasters such as server crashes, workplace fire, or water damage.

Public cloud computing involves the use of a third party service to utilize their servers or data storage facilities as an alternative to the cost of supercomputers or the pitfalls of private cloud computing systems. The third party service also takes on the risks associated with having and maintaining the servers.

Differences between Public cloud computing and Private cloud computing

Private clouds involve a dedicated, in-house IT department setting up and managing the cloud hardware. This may be costly for the company to upscale, in the case of diminishing performance. On the other hand, public clouds work on a “pay-as-you-need” basis, whereby a company can select which data storage and server would be the best fit for the company. This also allows companies to upscale at a relatively lower cost than that of private clouds, as the hosting company needs to maintain up to date services.

Another difference between private clouds and public clouds is that public clouds follow certain compliance procedures on the types of data that can be stored and distributed within a company, whereas private clouds may distribute data freely and store data as they please because they do not need to comply with the policies that are set out.

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The Importance of Application Code Security


As technology continues to surge, applications and software have become increasingly complex, rising to meet the demand of our growing virtual world. Is cybersecurity keeping up with the application standard? Risks and threats of risks to security should be a concern to everyone creating applications and software. Although code writers do run tests on their own programs; typically, their priority is the functionality of the program and not necessarily the security. Security professionals are faced with the challenge of convincing code developers to implement application security.

Is the application code secured against accessibility?

First and foremost, are the code developers able to protect their intellectual property as they are writing the code?

Secondly, once the application is in use, encrypting the code controls which user has access, creating protection against hackers.  They physical environment where the code is stored is also worth considering: an isolated environment protects who has physical access.

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Get a Taobao Shopping Service to Buy Stuff?

Taobao is known as the main place to buy different stuff online at China. With various independent stores listings, the products are directly shipped to you like an eBay. However, these are not a bidding auction. The Taobao shopping service is great to create convenience for the customers and to the sellers of the products. All of the prices are fixed at ‘Buy it Now’ prices.

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What LED bulbs manufacturers don’t tell us?

Lately I’ve noticed, everyone praises LEDs. Some praise them for their cost efficiency, some for safety, some for eco-friendliness, etc. So I’ve decided to shed some light on this matter and to find out if everything is really so perfect about them.

Actually it isn’t. During my research I’ve learned some facts that LEDs’ manufacturers prefer not to tell us. To which features you should pay attention not to get fooled when buying LEDs? Here is my list:

  1. Flickering

«LEDs don’t flicker» – you’re more likely to hear that in every shop. Flickering is high-frequency brightness fluctuations unnoticeable for our brain but harmful for our eyes. It’s one of the disadvantages of CFLs-they ripple because of working on alternating current. LEDs use direct current so they don’t flicker.

That’s true. But only for high quality LEDs with appropriate drivers. Such bulbs are not the cheapest ones. So if you want to spare money – get your eyes ready! Cheap LEDs flicker just like CFLs.

Do it smart:

First of all, pay attention to a manufacturer. Philips, GE, Jooby and Osram are in my personal “reliable LED-makers” list. But even these producers (except Jooby) have slightly flickering models, so determining the bulb’s ripple level will be a right thing to do. If it is under 5% the light is absolutely safe. 20% is the highest permissible level.

You can also try to check the lamp by pointing your camera objective on it. If it has no flicker-suppression system, the image will be distorted just like on this video – But this method won’t give you a 100% successful result so don’t rely on it too much.

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Explainer Videos Can Boost Your Conversion Rates Instantly


In terms of internet marketing, there are tons of standard tools utilized to boost conversion rates. Effective marketers know how essential a beautiful site is to give individuals a good impression of your blog or business. They also know how crucial headline writing and excellent copy are for spreading the word about their business and deliver compelling messaging. Aside from that, they also know how vital the testimonials are to boost credibility. Once combined and implemented properly, these work together to sell more services and products and increase conversion rates.

However, there is another marketing tool that can be used by marketers when offering products and services. This marketing tool is known as animated explainer videos, which are becoming popular at present because of its effectiveness in boosting conversion rates.

Introducing Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are basically short videos that tell a story of the company. They can be hand drawn, digital drawings or claymation, yet regardless of what’s used on explainer videos, they give businesses with a way to effectively convey and clearly their value proposition.

Many companies have already tried incorporating explainer videos on their marketing strategies and they get nothing but positive results. Majority of them have increased their conversion rates successfully, which also allow them to raise their exposure in the industry, not just locally, but also globally.

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Homeshopping Online Store

Online shopping is one of the things that has made the lives a lot easier and you can save a lot of time by simply shopping online. It is also much safer than roaming around in the market in the late hours as you get the ordered product delivered at your doorstep. So, there are various advantages of shopping online. As the world is moving fast towards digital economy, Pakistan is also slowly inching towards it. The introduction of 3G and 4G services was a huge boost, which allowed the masses to enjoy uninterrupted Internet on the go. is among the pioneers of online shopping in the country and has gone a long way from the day it came into being. There weren’t many online stores at that point and HSN was the lone player and had to face many challenges. But after all these years, HSN has emerged to be the country’s largest online retailer. The online store now houses thousands of products at unbeatable prices. The products are further divided into major categories such as mobile and tablets, cameras, TV and video, computers and laptops, home appliances, musical instruments, gaming and toys, HSN fashion and much more. Customers can then choose from the following categories and browse the product looking for.

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Academy Of Champions

Academy Of Champions is projected to be the first world’s stage for cybersportsmen where everyone can be taught to play DotA 2 and League of Legend, become a commentator, strategist and team manager courses. Teaching programs are going to be personally, adjusted depending on a gamer’s achievement and preferences. Each team will have an opportunity to find a decent sponsor as well.

Hospitality Technology Forum 2015

     Have you ever wondered what the future face of the Hospitality sector might look like by 2020?   There is always something new:  More clients are becoming tech savvy with phones, tablets and apps while the hotel is keeping up with this by using state of the art technology replacing the traditional ways and means.   Customers’ comments are being given to hotels through social media.  This helps them improve their services.

     Forecast for the sector:  The hotel, restaurant and catering sector is to increase annually at 9.5% to US $35.9 billion by 2018.   In 2013 it was US $22.8 billion.   As for average occupancy rate, it is probably going to be in the range of 68% – 74% from 2013 to 2018.   Average Daily Rate is forecast to be in the range of US $225 to US $263 in the same timeframe.   This can only be good news for hotel marketing.

     Saudi Arabia is thought to remain the leading player as far as income is concerned and in second place will be the UAE.   Happenings in the future in UAE and Qatar are to be the main stimuli for restaurant, catering and hotel marketing in these places.

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Fitbit Fitness Tracker Challenges for friends and athletes ranks fitness tracker data to define the most active athlete in different sports categories.

Challenge athletes, friends, and co-works now! Make every 24 hours count. Get moving and start a fitness tracker challenge today.


Work on improving your stats everyday to become one of the best athletes in the world. This is a great opportunity for team building and sports training.


Teams and competitions keep people motivated. Once a team is created team captains can adjust the competition timer to train for one day or if you’re feeling really ambitious you can set the timer for up to one month. The person at the top of the leaderboard when the timer hits zero is the winner of the challenge and the #1 athlete!

Modern Computer systems

Modern Computer systems are great, they have evolved to meet our every need regarding the storage and processing of information. What’s more they naturally reflect the way that people work.

They are designed by people, deployed by people and used by people.

However, that comes with a price. People are not naturally very ordered in the way they think and work. If you ask a group of people whether they would rather write a note down on a post-it or log into Outlook and create a calendar reminder most people would opt for the post-it.

Why? Because it’s easier. Is the post-it note better? No, not really.

You can lose it, you can spill coffee on it, it won’t actively remind you when it’s due for action and you can’t access it remotely. But it’s easier to create and manage. Its right there, it’s tactile, you can see it.

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