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Top 5 challenges faced by Enterprise Mobile App Development Company

If you are thinking of developing an app, your prime focus should be on what to do and what not. There are various challenges faced by enterprise mobile app Development Company every time they start working on a new project.

In this post, you will come to know about the challenges faced by mobile apps development company India and their possible solutions. Let’s have a look at them –

List of challenges with solutions

  1. Creating app to get noticed

There is immense competition in the mobile app market now. Honestly speaking, it has been overcrowded with a number of applications. Therefore, there is a constant pressure on developers to create an application to get noticed in the market.

Solution: Create an app which looks interesting and appealing. Include intuitive design concept, usable features to provide wholesome experience to the users. You can take cues from other applications that fall in your category to guess what strokes users’ minds.

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Communication via iOS devices: Is uncertainty about the backdoor posibility legitimate?

Recent news about a US judge ordering Apple to assist FBI unlock one of the San Bernardine attack perpetrator’s iPhone to grant access to his data are certainly alarming. The information was released by Reuters on Wednesday. We are again witnessing a protracted lawsuit between the technological giant and law enforcement authorities in criminal proceedings arguing about the encryption boundaries.


According to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, the FBI requests a backdoor to be created for the iPhone. Apple however objects that if such a tool is developed in may be repeatedly used over and over again. It could possibly mean having the ability to unlock any iPhone device if indeed landed in the wrong hands.

The real question is, will personal data in the electronic form be secured? The report surely raised doubts. Regardless of Apple’s response, the actual solution to the issue is using highly-encrypted communication applications.


One of  such applications is ASYRIC, developed by Salutis Systems. ASYRIC utilizes SES technology, combining implementation of ciphers with a public (ECC) key and a private (AES) key. „Salutis Systems is unable to create a backdoor nor provide any user-related information to the authorities simply because even the developer cannot access the data. All transmitted data between the sender and the recipient are ultimately secure“, Martin Kocak, Salutis systems CEO claims.  „Data security doubts, as described in the aforementioned case are completely ruled-out with ASYRIC app.“ Kocak continues.


Following Edward Snowden’s revelation of classified NSA documents, it is clear we all need to react to the ever-growing communication privacy violation. „Because privacy is everyones’ fundamental right, think about whether investing barely 5 EUR is worth protecting it!“,  Kocak concludes.

Hiring the Best Buy App Downloads Service Online

A lot of app developers have been successful in promoting and selling the apps they’ve developed while some has failed. Well, there are some factors to consider here. One factor is the app itself, which means it is a great app or the other way around. Also, the app may have positive or negative buy app reviews. Hence, the app may either be rated high or low.

Another factor if the app is downloaded many times or not is how it is being promoted. Take into account, the developer must apply the best strategies to endorse the app to app users and this is to avoid failure in the world of app marketing.

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How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Your iPhone

When it comes to frantically trying to recover deleted text messages and other important information that has seemingly been lost forever, we have all experienced the panic that sets in when we believe that there is no possible way to get our data back.

But did you know that there are feasible options for iPhone SMS recovery and iPhone data recovery? You can recover lost text messages from iPhone, thanks to the usage of helpful third party iPhone data recovery software-iFoneMate.

With the help of iFoneMate, lost data is a thing of the past. Your contacts, your messages, your message attachments and your photo streams are always safe. There are a number of difficult circumstances that lead to the loss of data and iFoneMate is ready and willing to provide you with the assistance you need to make these issues a thing of the past.

If the information of iPhone has been lost due to faulty operation, an iOS system upgrade, a restoration to factory settings, a forgotten password, a jailbreak gone wrong, water damage, a viral attack, theft, or a battery replacement, iFoneMate is able to recover the information quickly and efficiently.

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Organizations are like never before looking for outside master help to guarantee they are legitimately dealing with their telecom and IT arranges. The method of reasoning for looking for outside help is as basic as the arrangement is muddled. Successful pioneers realize that they and their groups can’t be all things to all individuals. To make progress toward such an objective is a pointless activity and a beyond any doubt fire approach to harvest poor results and cause inordinate expenses. Its surely knew that you must influence your most noteworthy qualities and minimize your liabilities to the best degree conceivable, with a specific end goal to overwhelmingly contend in the worldwide commercial center, have desires for achievement and still have significant serenity enough to seek after a social life.

Luckily for most correspondences system operations administrators, they hit the nail on the head. The arrangement: keep the equipped and the willing on their current inside telecom/ IT system group and accomplice them with outside Telecom Expense Management (TEM) skill fit for conveying a high-performing and operationally stable system at focused business sector estimating. This realistic methodology permits organizations to hold the best possible inside ability and control expected to viably work with and deal with the association with their picked outside TEM supplier, while as yet extricating the extremely valuable specialty aptitude gave by the TEM supplier.

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Fixing the iPhone: iPhone Repair Kit

Some of the best products that this generation has gotten to experience have been mobile devices. One of the most popular mobile devices known to man are Apple’s iPhones. These phones are not just phones but media devices that can do all sorts of wonderful and amazing things.

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Pximity Mobile App: The Key To Networking

Pximity allows you to connect with people nearby in real-time. Consolidate all social networks for other users to view instantly. Search for users in vicinity based on GPS location. Connecting and networking with people is a part of everyday life. Whether meeting new business people to discovering bands, Pximity instantly connects you. You control your privacy settings as you decide the discoverability of what is shown and what is not shown publicly. Follow business professionals, colleagues, musical bands, and students on campus instantly from user to user. Radius expands up to 0.5 miles of locating discoverable users and 10 miles of businesses.


Pximity app Version 2.1 is now available on App Store and Version 2.1.1 on Google Play Store for Free! Take searching and networking to the next level. Pximity allows you to connect with people and businesses nearby via your mobile device in real-time wirelessly. No more business cards. Follow new talent such as artists, presenters, comedians, etc. right from your seat. Connect with students, business professionals, and discover performers all within the location on your device.


Download below:

Pximity for iTunes App Store

Pximity for Google Play Store


Apollo Audio Lab Legend X1 headphone: A High End headphone that screams luxury

Article extracted from in-Forbes Technology forum | review written by Chris Malcom – Senior Technologist on 5 December 2014


The Good  : The Apollo Audio Legend X1 headphones is an elegant full-size over-the-ear  earphone that featuring a designed and built by the team themselves.  Apollo audio lab is the first company in the world to manufacture a full aluminium chassis headphone and every part from heaphone swivel to baffle board is handcrafted from aluminium blocks.   The headband is stainless steel electro-plated based on bridge suspension technology and fitted with a classy looking black Italian leather headstrap.   The ear cups are a thick luxurious memory foam protein leather-covered ear pads.   The audio performance and build quality are excellent; this headphone dominate most competitors with their monstrous impactful bass and sub-bass, deadly charming and accurate mids and highs that emit charming details from every music track.   It’s designed and catered for serious audiophile listeners and also home entertainment lovers

The Bad:  They are heavy and big sized ear cans that you would likely not bring it outdoors.

The Bottom Line The Apollo Audio Lab Legend X1 is worthy of its name, being a legendary headphone.   The sound performance, bass and clarity are out of the world , breath-taking. We are pretty sure they are the top 5 best-sounding full-size audiophile headphones we’ve heard in the last couple of years.

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The mobile user acquisition game has changed

At the beginning of the “app era”, we developed them and it wasn’t needed too much effort to reach our users.

The growth of our download count, market apprank and ROI was something extremely easy to get and maintain.

It was the app craziness. With little effort we could reap big benefits.

Unfortunately, this era is over.

Today, with almost 3 million apps over the different markets, the game has changed. You now have to fight to get some users.

You also have to be conscious that a percentage of your budget needs to be invested on user acquisition. If you don’t invest on it, your app will have zero visibility. Is really that simple.

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X-stander – the latest technology in Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers have been around for many years, they were one of the earliest developments in wireless technology. Bluetooth is still commonly associated with mobile phones, but it is, in fact, a technology in its own right – much like mobile phones, TV’s and radios it uses radio signals to send information from one device to another. Originally created to replace the wires between mouse, keyboard and PC, it soon became apparent that there were many more potential uses for it. The difference is that Bluetooth can only do this over small distances – usually up to about thirty three feet – the space around you known as the PAN – Personal Area Network. The creators of Bluetooth are dedicated to the technology being available to everyone and not restricted to any one company.

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