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Mechanical engineering

The field of mechanical engineering is a broad branch of engineering science that deals with, in the most basic of terms, anything that moves. More specifically, this field encompasses all of the aspects of mechanical systems, including the design and manufacturing of the parts as well as the actual production and maintenance of systems. The general goal of mechanical engineering is to improve upon the current quality of life by developing new technologies and improving the efficiency of current mechanical designs.

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This Developer Wants To Open Source Stock Charts

Financial bloggers not as equipped as larger institutions like Bloomberg and Reuters, wanting their content to be more interactive and engaging to stand out and grasp the attention of their readers, are about to receive some additional help.

Kenneth Fam Wencong, a web developer from Singapore, has created a new stock charting tool that makes financial blogs more interactive. Wencong has made the product available as a free download on his site

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Meet Kamaleon, the Mozambican Tech Company Bringing Internet Access to Rural Communities

Launched in 2014, Kamaleon started life as a technology company based in Mozambique that used interactive technology for entertainment, marketing and advertising purposes. In 2016 Dayn Amade developed a unique solution that aims to bring information technology to those in rural areas in the form of a Community Tablet. The comunity tablet, which was rolled out in Mozambique in November 2016, is an effective and ecofriendly solution for schools, health departments and hospitals to develop engaging health education messages for the community as opposed to relying on leaflets to spread health information.

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Academy Of Champions

Academy Of Champions is projected to be the first world’s stage for cybersportsmen where everyone can be taught to play DotA 2 and League of Legend, become a commentator, strategist and team manager courses. Teaching programs are going to be personally, adjusted depending on a gamer’s achievement and preferences. Each team will have an opportunity to find a decent sponsor as well.

Emerging Technologies Promising to Change the World













The World-Economic Meta Council is a panel of 18 experts that identify the most important tech innovations each year. They are advised by a diverse group of the community to compile a list of advancements that will have the largest impact to better our future. The purpose of their list is to raise awareness and public understanding hopefully to close the gap in capital investment needed to push the technology further. A way to look at the council’s list is as a form of advertising for a particular innovation that isn’t company or product specific. Like all advertising though, you are advised to do your research before investing in a company or purchasing one of their products. The innovations below represent the top 5 of the council’s list that promise to change the world in the near future. They go far beyond the benefits of the latest phone or smart TV and have real world environmental, medical, and safety applications.

5. Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

To better understand additive manufacturing and its benefits, you first should look at traditional/subtractive manufacturing. In subtractive manufacturing, you take a raw material (wood/metal/stone) and cut, shave, or melt it down to reach your desired shape and function. This, of course, wastes valuable natural resources in the process. With additive manufacturing, the process starts with a powder or liquid and builds it into the desired shape by using a 3D template. Even more impressive, is that in the medical field, 3D printing is being used to replicate living tissues that can be used in drug trials and possibly tissue/organ repair.

4. Precise Genetic-Engineering Techniques

This innovation pertains specifically to the genetic engineering of plants to yield larger crops. Traditional genetic engineering of plants has been under a cloud of controversy. Currently, this process requires the addition of foreign genetic material that doesn’t increase risk compared to other methods, but has aroused fear in the public. Advancements in genetic engineering are now able to edit the genetic code of a plant without the addition of a foreign material to yield a desired result such as the plant being more nutritious or more adaptable to harsher climates. This method is more precise than previous ones and could help alleviate concerns and provide more nutritious food in developing countries.

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How to accept Bitcoin for your business

If you have a business that reaches most of its clients through the online world, then one of the best ways to get even better results from it is to implement Bitcoin support. Some might think  that accepting Bitcoins for your business can be quite a hassle, but instead this is a wonderful thing to do that brings a wide range of new and interesting opportunities. Bitcoins are a great currency for paying services and goods, so implementing them in your business is a great step in heading towards the right direction.

A simple way to start accepting bitcoins for your business is to simply add a sign on your site on the home page as well as the checkout cart, as these are the best places to gain the most exposure.

You can use a merchant solution if you want to implement bitcoin support for your business, as this is the fastest and best way to implement support for such a digital currency. Some great merchant solutions that are very popular and suitable for you to use are ApiCoin, ALFAcoins, Bitkassa, BitcoinPay, Blockchain, Coinkite, EasyBitz and many others. Using such a merchant solution is the best way to go if you own a website where you want to sell services and goods for cryptocurrencies. The best thing here is that these merchant solution are also providing you with the ability to convert your coins to real life currencies such as USD if you so desire.

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The history and evolution of dot matrix print technology


First seen in the early 1970s, dot-matrix printers dominated the personal printers market and found their way inside homes and offices alike, they were gradually overcame by inkjets and laser printers because of pure technological advancements.

With printing speed that was considered fast for their time and noisy mechanical movements to print a single character, dot-matrix printers got the name from their method of punching the dot shaped, inked ribbon on a paper, leaving an imprint and repeating until a character was formed from a combination of these dots in a “matrix” style. A close up of any such paper would tell you the resolution of the printer as how many dots it took to form a letter.

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Premium Braided Nylon Vs PVC Lightning to USB Cable – A Detailed Comparison Review

By launching the new lightning connector, Apple has gone eons ahead of their competitors in terms of speed and easy accessibility. However, to make the most out of your iPhone 6 or iPad Retina display, you need to have durable, rugged cables that could withstand everyday use. If you have been wondering which one to buy, here’s a handy review that explains why braided and premium quality cables are much better when compared to conventional PVC cables. As an example of high quality braided nylon cable we are using Volts Lightning to USB Cable with Aluminum Housings and comparing it to Apple PVC cable.

Exceptional Durability

When you go for a branded Nylon Braided cable such as Volts, you can expect exceptional durability for the product. It will easily last through years without difficulty and will be your able companion when you travel from one place to another. Because of the industry grade braided nylon fiber and anodized aluminum which are used in the production of the cable, Volts cable will not tear or break even after years of rough usage. PVC cables that comes with Apple devices last a few months after which the snow white PVC material darkens, bends and eventually rips.

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Electronic E-Cigarettes, an Alternative to Smoking?

E-Cigarettes, or e-cigs, have become wildly popular lately. With most states across the country cracking down on cigarette and tobacco smokers and research continuing to show how unhealthy smoking can be for you and people are starting to turn to the newer, safer, e-cigs. There are many advantages to e-cigs, ranging from health reasons to the simple reason of smell. They come in all shapes and sizes and have an endless array of flavors. There is most likely an e-cig for everyone.

E-cigs aren’t like traditional cigarettes. They don’t actually burn anything so there isn’t “real” smoke. Technically they are just a vaporizer. Instead of burning vapor and tobacco they heat up e-juice or e-liquid. E-juice utilizes two different types of glycerin to create the smoking feel and the cloud of vapor that you see. Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol (the two bases for e-liquid) have been utilized in many things and are approved for human ingestion. They show no signs or traces of carcinogens like cigarettes do. These bases allow any flavors and options to be added to the e-juice for vaporizing and instead of producing the nasty smell cigarettes do, they smell like whatever the flavor is!

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Cheap Home Alarm Systems

It’s finally time.  You have held off for maybe weeks, months or years but you are at last deciding to secure your home.  Not a bad choice either, millions of Americans and people worldwide rely on security systems over dogs and other devices to protect their home and family.  Now while everyone wants to save a buck and get the best deal around, you should be careful when you are trying to go the cheap route in home security.

 How Cheap is Too Cheap?

You want the best bang for your buck of course and who can blame you?  But is it worth resorting to the worst equipment available?  When considering cheap equipment, think of the long term use you will be getting out of it.  If you go to Home Depot or Walmart for the stick on devices that don’t have monitoring, you can get a decent home alarm system for only $50.  This will cover your doors and windows.  When the alarm trips, a loud sound will go off.  This is good for alerting you when asleep and that is about it.  If someone breaks in while you are gone it does you no good.

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