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Are We All Going To Have 6-Packs By Playing Pokémon Go?

Follow the news lately and you’ve more than likely heard of Pokémon Go. Utilizing real world topography as an element of gameplay, players the world over have travelled around their homes in search of elusive Pokémon. But along with the ingenious game play is the frequent mention of the benefits to our health. Helping people get out and get fresh air, many people are hailing Pokémon Go as the way to be fit and healthy. This raise the question, does playing Pokémon Go mean that we will all have 6-packs? The truth is, probably not.

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Spider-man Laboratory Lockdown Fights Criminals Who Want to Destroy the World

Spider-man is one of the marvel heroes that every age likes. He is the superhero that moves and has the elements that every spider has. This hero can be seen in movies, events and games.

Several spider-man games can be downloaded and can be played online. Children and adults can enjoy spider-man games with spider-man laboratory lockdown. This spider-man game will give the players and spider-man their greatest battle among villains. It will give the players a realistic fight against people who have intruded and controlled the Horizon Laboratory.

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Learn how to make money streaming on Twitch

Twitch can be a source of income for those who know how to make top quality streams and can stay interactive with their audience. On this massive live-streaming website, popularized for gaming, users can see themselves making a decent amount of money doing nothing more than playing video games. What does it take to earn money on Twitch? The process is relatively easy, it just takes a little bit of work and some persistence.

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Mobile game My4Faces Dreamland

Mobile games such as My4Faces Dreamland are not just for kids or girls only anymore. It is a game that everyone; regardless of gender and age, can enjoy. It is fun, but most important of all, it will test your focus, and quick thinking abilities. So yes; it helps out in the real world as well as having a good recreational time, or past time when you are on the go or stay at home simply bored. The title says it all, and practically needs little to be explained; You will be able to see different faces and face expressions of delightful colored boxes on your screen. Match 3 and of the same and move on. Now the concept might be simple enough, but yet pack a really big challenge as you move forward and deep into the game.

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Hosting a Minecraft Server

minecraftMinecraft is a popular online game application within the programming language that is known as Java. The gameplay centers around the single-player and his protagonist in his quest to collect resources, constructs forts, farms, or even higher end design of buildings and castles. The customization and creation capable within the game is not limited there, either. Many different people have utilized Minecraft for construction of sculptures, cities, and many other grand designs. In the open-world game and the number of players is dependent upon the amount of slots purchased. There are also control panels available for larger groups and parties on increasingly popular servers.

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Wonder Dragons Has Taken the Gaming World by Storm

If you are looking for a game that is not so typical like the other games that you can find online then the game that you might be looking all this time is Wonder Dragons. It is an exciting, neat, and beautiful Match 3 gaming experience, which makes it better than playing other games in the virtual world. Aside from being an ultra-interesting and exciting gaming experience, Wonder Dragons has a story line as well and it is exceptionally creative and unique.

This game centers on Dragonland, which is attacked by many orcs and primitive humans all of a sudden. Then the land was captured by the intruders as the result of the event. Fortunately, the older dragons have managed to throw some of their eggs around the world. This particular part is where the players would take part in the game because they will be the ones to release the dragons that are still inside the eggs and are now lost with the fact that the older dragons are still captured.

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Benefits of Game Coaching for New Players

WoW-Gold-USVideo games have managed to become one of the most beloved activities of people from all parts of the world. Each month, astonishing sums of money are given away as prize money in competitive tournaments and special events hosted by esports supporters and promoters. Despite the amazing popularity of gaming, the concept of game coaching for new players is still relatively unknown to the average gamer. Let’s take a look at how game coaching could be beneficial to new players and why it could easily become a real profession in a near future.

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How to excel at role playing games (RPG)

Becoming good at RPG’s (Role Playing Games) is not as easy as it may look. Of course, there are some major titles which everyone looks at from a distance and thinks they can master in a couple of hours. But when you actually come closer, you will quickly realize that there is a lot more to these games than simply running from A to B and shooting everything in sight. In fact, some RPG’s are so engrossing that you may start identifying with the character and feeling a personal connection with every choice you make. Now, here are a few tips you should keep in mind at all times if you want to become better at these games:

Slow and steady wins the race

RPG’s tend to be long and complicated. It is all one big adventure. But there is also a quick way of finishing these games. If you want to truly enjoy the game and become really good at it though, you will need to explore every part of the map and complete every single mission or side quest. Going through the game slowly with your character will allow you to experience everything the developers have wanted you to. It’s a much better experience than simply going from campaign mission to campaign mission.

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Play Online Games and Get Identity Theft Protection When You Apply for LifeLock Membership Now

People nowadays, especially the youth, are entering the most sensitive and personal information whenever they play online games. Knowing that people are now vulnerable of being victims of ID theft when online gaming using any devices, the use of apps that can protect from ID theft is necessary. For those who want to experience maximum protection identity theft, LifeLock is sure to be handy.

LifeLock is considered as the leading app in the industry of identity theft protection of today. With its 3­prong approach in protecting your identity, you can rest assured that all sensitive and personal information is safe and protected at all times. Using the app, it can detect any suspicious behavior and alert you to prevent your personal information from being used illegally. If ever you are the victim, the app can also help in restoring your identity and protect you further from any risks.

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Sci-fi MMORPG Project Genom – the Early Access starts

We have come a long way from a simulator of suicide jumpers leaping off cliffs on Torque 3D to full-blown shooter on Unreal Engine 4, which was inspired by such projects as Destiny, Mass Effect and Borderlands. At the moment, Project Genom is a proper sci-fi online shooter which will give you a chance to participate in planetary battles and go on space exploration missions on your own spaceship.

We recently started a closed alpha test and found the game already a genuinely enjoyable experience. We ready for Early Access, even though the game has still a long way to go, because we have lots and lots of ideas for it. We’ll talk about them in the near future.


And now first players will be able to start exploring our game. If you want to be one of them, you can make it happen by purchasing an Early Access pack.

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