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Swiftly: The Latest Car App That Every Car Enthusiast Should Try Out

In case you live and breathe cars, you may be interested in the new app called Swiftly.

Read this article to understand what Swiftly really is, and what it has on offer for you.
What is Swiftly?

Swiftly is a pre-release app version of the social platform bearing the same name for car enthusiasts. The goal of the app is to let car enthusiasts from around the world gather in a single place to share their knowledge and passion for cars with each other in order to create a lively community.

What features does it offer?

Swiftly offers a huge number of features to keep car enthusiasts like you engaged and interested at all times. Some features are simple, while others are quite unique.

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Where to buy a used vehicle in UK

Buying a used car is an increasingly popular choice among people – about 3/4 of all car sales are sales of used vehicles. And with the increasing demand of used motor vehicles, there are more and more places to buy one. The UK car market is swamped with used trucks, SUVs, small cars, etc. You have the private sellers that sell their cars through online directories or newspapers, and you have the used car supermarkets that are more organized, have a huge choice and offer incentives such as car warranties and financing options.

For instance, Used Car Supermarket | Fords of Winsford has over 1500 used and nearly new cars on site at any time. They claim that you literally can find any make and model on FOW’s lot.

Finally, there is a third newer option for buying a pre-owned car and these are CPO dealerships or Certified pre-owned dealerships. But let’s discuss all three options in more details

Private seller

 Any of us can be a private seller. If you want to sell your used vehicle, you can just put an ad in an online directory such as eBay or Craigslist and you are set. Buying a car from a private seller is usually the cheapest option out of the three, but it also comes with the greatest risks. Not every one of the private sellers is a previous owner like you, who wants to sell his car. When buying private, you may often fall victim to a deceiving seller, who will sell you a car with many hidden damages or a car that whose odometer has been altered, or winded back so that it shows lower millage then it actually has. Ultimately, you may also be a victim of an unscrupulous seller and end up buying a stolen car.

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What you should think about when buying a car

There are many ways available options to use when buying a new car (first or second hand car). To go easier through the process and save some money where you would other way spend more, we got some tips ready and waiting for you. We would also recommend and show you the options available for you to provide yourself the money needed.


Car loans

First and most used way of getting the needed money is getting approved for a car loan. Getting approved is not easy of course and it depends from country to country. But for the most part to get it done you need to have an average job and to be insured for that job. If you chose this way of providing money you will be granted the negotiation power when negotiating the price of the car. That is because you will have the whole amount of the money ready in cash and paying in cash will always get the seller to drop the price for a large margin. The bad thing about this way is that taking a loan from a bank is always negative for your paycheck. In most countries the bank interest is pretty high.

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Choosing Quad Bikes Responsibly

For most people, setting a goal to buy something requires a strong willpower to get it at no cost. However, it is not the same with purchasing all-terrain vehicles. Choosing the best quad bike to have will take a little more than enthusiasm. Aside from its hefty price tag, there are things to be considered before making a purchase.

First is to know which model to have. Typically, quad bikes are split into two categories: utility and sport. Hobbyists who are in for an ultimate adventure will have loads of fun driving an ATV off the road. One can enjoy taking a challenging route in the mountains without the fear of being stuck on mud or with passing through a rocky path. A sporty quad bike can handle all kinds of environment which makes it more thrilling to have. For those who are planning to use this type of vehicle for utility purposes, they will notice how efficient it is to carry loads or when used as a mini towing truck. Farm owners usually have one for tons of purposes as its tough frame can withstand the pressure of heavy usage. It pays to know where the ATV will be used because specific models are made for a particular purpose.

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