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What is USB dongle for?

USB dongles protect software programs and hardware devices from unauthorized access. Unless the dongle is attached to the system there is no way to use a protected entity. The great convenience about dongles is they don’t occupy many USB ports, as several dongles can easily share a single port thanks to their ability of passing the data through.

Why share a USB dongle?
So with all the security why would one share a dongle with someone else, i.e. provide a remote access to the device? Well, it can happen you need to work with USB devices in the virtual environment. As you perhaps know, virtualization software doesn’t offer the access to the host computer’s ports, therefore you cannot use the devices attached to a host computer in the virtual environment.

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New features in aka Hotmail

The Outlook team recently introduced several changes to their web in order to deliver an enhanced calendar and email experience to the users. The new outlook can easily be accessed from home and office through a large number of devices. Here is a brief outline about the new features that were introduced to in 2016.


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Are We All Going To Have 6-Packs By Playing Pokémon Go?

Follow the news lately and you’ve more than likely heard of Pokémon Go. Utilizing real world topography as an element of gameplay, players the world over have travelled around their homes in search of elusive Pokémon. But along with the ingenious game play is the frequent mention of the benefits to our health. Helping people get out and get fresh air, many people are hailing Pokémon Go as the way to be fit and healthy. This raise the question, does playing Pokémon Go mean that we will all have 6-packs? The truth is, probably not.

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Meet Kamaleon, the Mozambican Tech Company Bringing Internet Access to Rural Communities

Launched in 2014, Kamaleon started life as a technology company based in Mozambique that used interactive technology for entertainment, marketing and advertising purposes. In 2016 Dayn Amade developed a unique solution that aims to bring information technology to those in rural areas in the form of a Community Tablet. The comunity tablet, which was rolled out in Mozambique in November 2016, is an effective and ecofriendly solution for schools, health departments and hospitals to develop engaging health education messages for the community as opposed to relying on leaflets to spread health information.

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