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WordPress web hosting

If you (like millions of others) have decided to take advantage of WordPress as the backbone of your new website, the odds are pretty good that you’ve begun to look at different WordPress web hosting services to get you up and running.

Because it is easily the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS) and there are a tremendous amount of WordPress web hosting companies out there promising the moon and the stars when it comes to their hosting packages (and their ridiculously low hosting prices) – which is going to make finding just the right service a bit of a headache and hassle.

Thankfully, this is a pretty good problem to have to deal with! It sure beats the alternative of not having enough hosting services to pick from, anyway!

Here are just a couple of things you’ll want to think about (especially if you’re serious about saving money on web hosting for WordPress).

WordPress web hosting packages are designed to operate with this CMS

One of the reasons that it is so advantageous to move forward with a web hosting plan specifically designed with WordPress in mind is that it is going to provide you with just the right amount of resources (usually at a rock-bottom price) to get your WordPress site up and running without forcing you to pay for technology or resources that you never would have even used.

Most WordPress web hosting plans that are specifically intended to run this CMS are incredibly flexible, very adaptable, and will give you all of the freedom you need to host your site without any issues whatsoever, but won’t threaten to break your bank account in the process.

It doesn’t get any cheaper than free when it comes to WordPress web hosting!

On top of that, it’s also possible to take advantage of completely and totally free WordPress hosting when you sign up for a package through is the website to download the completely open source and totally free CMS package that you’ll be able to install on any hosting service, but is a web hosting company that offers completely and totally free WordPress websites without any strings attached.

You can also use coupons on popular providers such as GoDaddy and iPower. These coupons can sometimes save you up to 75% off on your first month.

Of course, there are more limitations to what you are able to do with a website, so it is advantageous to leverage reliable and inexpensive third-party web hosting if you have the budget for it. But it’s always nice to know that you have a fallback plan you can rely on.

Mini GPS Tracker Review

What is Mini GPS Tracker?

 Mini GPS Tracker is a solid and the smallest GPS tracking device  that is successfully used by many public sectors, companies and personal households around the world. It allows a user to track unlimited number of objects in a real situation, generate reports and get hold of specific information that the user wants to know or find out.

This mini GPS tracker of GPSWOX software is accessible and more compatible with most smartphones and GPS devices. The device is very simple to use. What you just have to do is to add your smartphones or GPS devices and start to track your objects in just five minutes.

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iAPPS (ElementsLocal) Review

Looking for something to manage your franchise networks online? ElementsLocal is the answer. Catering to every area of business such as local websites, SMS marketing, email based marketing; ElementsLocal is the ideal choice for franchisers. August 2013 was a turning point for the software when it was acquired by BridgeLine. They integrated the system into their iApps suite.

iAPPSds, (the ds denotes the software usage as a distributed subscription) utilizes cloud based technology encompassing of all the umbrella software within it such as Marketer, Commerce, Social and so on.

Each component has heads its own set of functions and is equally integral to peak functionality of the suite as a whole. This all in one feature enables the main franchisor to manage things online with regard to micro-sites, locals, stores, dealers and so on.

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Managed IT services

Most business reach the extreme heights of success but they still have several issues that need to be dealt, and one of the most important and common issues that such businesses face is regarding the information technology. With a proper managed IT infrastructure a business can possibly reach the next level, but in order to achieve that level it is important to get some help and assistance from the experts. There are many managed IT service companies in NYC that help in outsourcing the IT department, and IT service companies in NYC offer a decent alternative and solution that can take the business to the next level. The reason why a business should at least consider availing services of IT service companies in NYC is because such service companies offer great solutions that do not require the businesses to incur overhead costs or even the training costs.

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New free app to save money at pharmacies nationwide

A new application has been developed for Android and iOS by that allows users to easily gain discounts on prescription medication. Users of this app can easily locate a pharmacy near them, find prices of prescription medication, and save up to 75% on their prescriptions just by showing their pharmacist their new Easy Drug Card.

We downloaded this app to take a look and try it out for ourselves, here’s what we found:

The app is very simple to use, and is very straight forward. There is a tab to locate a pharmacy, a tab to check prescription prices, a tab to pull up your discount card and an FAQ tab. No fancy bells and whistles here… but that’s a good thing… it does what it’s meant to do: save money on prescription medication.

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What is FFXIV?

FFXIV_1.23_battle_interfaceOne of the most popular online games nowadays is definitely FFXIV, a title which is very interesting and demanding as an experience, but if you buy FFXIV gil safe fast you can easily enrich the experience. The game takes place in the massive fantasy world of Eorzea and it provides you with a multitude of storylines so you can stay focused on the outcome. FFXIV is a wonderful online world where you have to select your own skills, gain new abilities and enrich your character in ways that were never seen before. In order to do that, you do have to acquire cheap FFXIV gil for sale, as this will help you complete missions and explore the massive game world in a better way. When you buy FFXIV gil safe fast, you won’t have a problem getting the best possible items at all times.

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How to achieve quality IT support service for your business

IT support is one of the key areas of a business that has an online presence. For such businesses, it is truly important to pick a quality IT support service.

Few things need to be considered while choosing an IT support service for your business –

  1. You must pick a trustworthy company. While dealing with your chosen company or its representative, you must feel comfortable. You’ll need to share key information concerning your production with these people. You must trust your IT support service at par with the staff members of your accounts department. You must find out whether they are reliable, if they’re making sense and if they’re known for their services. Although your trust often develops out of gut feeling, you must consider these questions in advance.
  2. Check out all support skills. For adequate IT support, you’ll need to look for the right skill sets. You must ensure that your chosen company possesses the right set of skills. Find out the number of years they have been in business, read through the testimonials of their current customers and count upon the expertise of their team of IT professionals. Also make sure that they provide an easy access to quality support resources besides possessing a good number of senior staff to support their initial point of contact.
  3. Check out their service history to be sure of the expertise and knowledge of their support staff. This will give you a clear picture on whether their staff members are equipped to shape your business in a positive direction. They should be able to save much of your production costs, identify the risk areas and expand your business.
  4. Price is always an important factor. Initially you might be attracted to go for the cheapest option, but it might raise your production costs later on. In order to cope with your challenges, you’ll need to hire some qualified personnel from a reputable IT support company like
  5. A reputable IT service company will keep your IT maintenance records for future references. They will plan things according to your changing strategies and won’t just conduct routine visits and sit idle.

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Emerging Technologies Promising to Change the World













The World-Economic Meta Council is a panel of 18 experts that identify the most important tech innovations each year. They are advised by a diverse group of the community to compile a list of advancements that will have the largest impact to better our future. The purpose of their list is to raise awareness and public understanding hopefully to close the gap in capital investment needed to push the technology further. A way to look at the council’s list is as a form of advertising for a particular innovation that isn’t company or product specific. Like all advertising though, you are advised to do your research before investing in a company or purchasing one of their products. The innovations below represent the top 5 of the council’s list that promise to change the world in the near future. They go far beyond the benefits of the latest phone or smart TV and have real world environmental, medical, and safety applications.

5. Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

To better understand additive manufacturing and its benefits, you first should look at traditional/subtractive manufacturing. In subtractive manufacturing, you take a raw material (wood/metal/stone) and cut, shave, or melt it down to reach your desired shape and function. This, of course, wastes valuable natural resources in the process. With additive manufacturing, the process starts with a powder or liquid and builds it into the desired shape by using a 3D template. Even more impressive, is that in the medical field, 3D printing is being used to replicate living tissues that can be used in drug trials and possibly tissue/organ repair.

4. Precise Genetic-Engineering Techniques

This innovation pertains specifically to the genetic engineering of plants to yield larger crops. Traditional genetic engineering of plants has been under a cloud of controversy. Currently, this process requires the addition of foreign genetic material that doesn’t increase risk compared to other methods, but has aroused fear in the public. Advancements in genetic engineering are now able to edit the genetic code of a plant without the addition of a foreign material to yield a desired result such as the plant being more nutritious or more adaptable to harsher climates. This method is more precise than previous ones and could help alleviate concerns and provide more nutritious food in developing countries.

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Track Kit – The new way to share you travel experience with friends and family

Are you planning on visiting new places and you want to have a mental image of what you might see when you get there? Or do you want to share your travel routes and pictures with your friends and family? The Track Kit app is your best choice. The app is available for the iOS and can be easily installed on your iPhone and iPad! The app is very helpful to travellers, hikers, people who are sightseeing, boating, hunting and navigating around. The Travel Kit app is not only a tracker with so many functions but is also a unique free web service for exploring and presenting your travel routes.scr0

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GIS Centers

 There is a lot of value in the study if geographical information systems because they are used for the investigation of all kinds of disease spreading in some areas of the world, or the kind of damage that was cause by a hurricane and other relevant events. The use if this kind of system is extremely powerful and it can allow for more control in regards to the kind of problems that require a large number of data to be compiled in order to be able to create a proper way to deal with any issue.

GIS center are becoming a very popular kind of entity and they help with the creation of research and development in all kinds of areas. The epidemiology an outbreak in any region of the world can be tracked easily with the use of GIS. This is probably one of the most powerful uses that GIS centers have when it comes to health and safety.

There are other uses that need to be taken into consideration. Some of them can have marketing and corporate development solutions as the main goal, but the main thing to keep in mind is that this systems will also provide a lot of information on the infrastructure of certain areas for development and this is one of the uses that is becoming more popular with GIS.

Many GIS projects and centers are financed and funded by the private sector and there is no question about the powerful data that they can provide for all sorts of business research. The research for new employees for a company who already have all the knowledge required for certain tasks and will not be requiring any kind of special training. This is going to make it much easier for human resources departments to get the right kind of candidates for a job position.

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