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The Current State of Broadcast TV

Broadcast and streaming video equipment income is said to reach $2.3 billion by 2018, according to Infonetics Research, an IHS company. Although on the whole, broadcast and streaming video equipment revenue declined 4 percent to $810 million in the first half of 2014, said Infonetics Research.

In the first quarter of 2014, sales of video-on-demand (VOD) playout servers rose by 20% as firms in places such as China and areas in the Middle East continue to push expenditure within the industry.

Content delivery network (CDN) edge server income is expected to grow at a 14% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) from 2013 to 2018, and multiscreen transmission encoders are anticipated to grow reasonably too.

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Pximity Mobile App: The Key To Networking

Pximity allows you to connect with people nearby in real-time. Consolidate all social networks for other users to view instantly. Search for users in vicinity based on GPS location. Connecting and networking with people is a part of everyday life. Whether meeting new business people to discovering bands, Pximity instantly connects you. You control your privacy settings as you decide the discoverability of what is shown and what is not shown publicly. Follow business professionals, colleagues, musical bands, and students on campus instantly from user to user. Radius expands up to 0.5 miles of locating discoverable users and 10 miles of businesses.


Pximity app Version 2.1 is now available on App Store and Version 2.1.1 on Google Play Store for Free! Take searching and networking to the next level. Pximity allows you to connect with people and businesses nearby via your mobile device in real-time wirelessly. No more business cards. Follow new talent such as artists, presenters, comedians, etc. right from your seat. Connect with students, business professionals, and discover performers all within the location on your device.


Download below:

Pximity for iTunes App Store

Pximity for Google Play Store


Electronic E-Cigarettes, an Alternative to Smoking?

E-Cigarettes, or e-cigs, have become wildly popular lately. With most states across the country cracking down on cigarette and tobacco smokers and research continuing to show how unhealthy smoking can be for you and people are starting to turn to the newer, safer, e-cigs. There are many advantages to e-cigs, ranging from health reasons to the simple reason of smell. They come in all shapes and sizes and have an endless array of flavors. There is most likely an e-cig for everyone.

E-cigs aren’t like traditional cigarettes. They don’t actually burn anything so there isn’t “real” smoke. Technically they are just a vaporizer. Instead of burning vapor and tobacco they heat up e-juice or e-liquid. E-juice utilizes two different types of glycerin to create the smoking feel and the cloud of vapor that you see. Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol (the two bases for e-liquid) have been utilized in many things and are approved for human ingestion. They show no signs or traces of carcinogens like cigarettes do. These bases allow any flavors and options to be added to the e-juice for vaporizing and instead of producing the nasty smell cigarettes do, they smell like whatever the flavor is!

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The Birth of Socialyk and Convask: Producing Business Intelligence and Work Efficiency

Think of a way of doing things that is fast, upbeat and real time, saving you money and energy.  That is what Intelliber brings to you on its websites by way of two great services:  Socialyk and Convask.

Socialyk is the world’s first artificially intelligent and consumer behavior based networking platform.  Socialyk revolves around various individual and sociological factors that decide how a market functions and how a consumer is influenced. Users are able to interact on the basis of their identical sociological factors and skills. Simulations, analysis and social factors act as a conversation enabler within the website. Socialyk ensures better alignment of your product marketing strategies on a social level, allowing for real time updates on competing products in the market place, psychology of consumers, purchasing groups etc.

In simple terms, Socialyk will help you converse on business in a simple social way, with helpful market indicators that will enhance your product or service sales.  With Socialyk’s inter-related knowledge system, users are able to connect with each other where their own network determines and influences the way they go about engaging in business, applying for a new job and so on.  With Socialyk, you can have research intelligence available by default for any new job you might be applying for, or you can have new skills for better professional life.

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Cheap Home Alarm Systems

It’s finally time.  You have held off for maybe weeks, months or years but you are at last deciding to secure your home.  Not a bad choice either, millions of Americans and people worldwide rely on security systems over dogs and other devices to protect their home and family.  Now while everyone wants to save a buck and get the best deal around, you should be careful when you are trying to go the cheap route in home security.

 How Cheap is Too Cheap?

You want the best bang for your buck of course and who can blame you?  But is it worth resorting to the worst equipment available?  When considering cheap equipment, think of the long term use you will be getting out of it.  If you go to Home Depot or Walmart for the stick on devices that don’t have monitoring, you can get a decent home alarm system for only $50.  This will cover your doors and windows.  When the alarm trips, a loud sound will go off.  This is good for alerting you when asleep and that is about it.  If someone breaks in while you are gone it does you no good.

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What is the difference between white and black box penetration testing?

Information security professionals understand the need for pentetration testing on a periodic basis to identify vulnerabilities in the infrastructure that should be addressed. Penetration tests should be conducted at least annually or upon major changes to the organisations infrastructure, but what is the difference between white and black box penetration testing? And how can you tell whether white or black box penetration tests are right for the organisation?

So, firstly lets start with the difference between white and black box penetration testing.

White box penetration testing, also known glass box testing, consists of testing infrastructure or services with details of that system provided. For example, the testers may be provided with IP addresses, source code, design information or anything else that provides details to the ethical hacker. The aim of this type of testing is to provide as much information to the penetration tester as possible to maximise the testers knowledge of the system or application and identify bugs or vulnerabilities that would not of otherwise been spotted.

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Transit or peering: what is worth using when?

Traditionally, content providers and ISPs each buy transit service from larger networks. While “eyeball” networks can directly exchange the traffic free of charge, most of them need to use middlemen. The right combination of Internet transit and peering is a critical point for Internet business.

Peering in Internet business

Unlike the telephony world, where nearly all interconnections involve payment, the Internet peering is usually free of charge, also known as sender keeps all (the money paid by their customer). Internet Service Providers charge their customers for both incoming and outgoing traffic, so the business case still works without interconnection fees.

So how does peering work in practice?

There are two options: direct or private peering, or peering over a public internet exchange (IX). Technically, private peering can work over a long distance, but it largely happens within the same building, or at least the same city. Private peering really only makes sense when there’s a significant traffic involved, because each peer requires a separate router or switch port and a circuit: even within the same building a cable to a peering partner can be costly.

Peering over a public internet exchange implies a connection to the IX, which is basically a large Ethernet switch or set of Ethernet switches. Every IX member/customer connects a router to the IX peering LAN. All these routers get an IP address within the same subnet, so they can exchange data directly among each other. The only thing required to let peering traffic flow between two IX members is a BGP session between the respective BGP-speaking routers.

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Internet Marketing Strategies

Irrespective of the type of business, in this internet era you can sell everything online. It is a virtual market where you can easily reach buyers around the world. To make internet marketing worthwhile you should employ and execute the right marketing techniques that work for your business. You should plan your campaign in such a way that it reaches your audience and generates sales. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you actually jump into internet marketing, as this will only be worthwhile if it works for you.

  • Recognising your target audience

Before you plan a marketing campaign you should know who the buyers of your products and services are. You need to judiciously consider your targeted audience and make every effort to reach them. These are the people who would be interested in buying y services or products offered by you. It is always easy to sell your products to the people who are already interested in it or who are in need of your services, rather than convincing those who are not concerned at all. For example if you are selling pet food you will have to look for the audience that have pets and place your advertisement on a websites that sells pets. It will not make sense if you advertise on a website that sells sports stuff, as you won’t get your target audience there. Invest your dollars and marketing efforts on placing your advertisements on the related websites.

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Apollo Audio Lab Legend X1 headphone: A High End headphone that screams luxury

Article extracted from in-Forbes Technology forum | review written by Chris Malcom – Senior Technologist on 5 December 2014


The Good  : The Apollo Audio Legend X1 headphones is an elegant full-size over-the-ear  earphone that featuring a designed and built by the team themselves.  Apollo audio lab is the first company in the world to manufacture a full aluminium chassis headphone and every part from heaphone swivel to baffle board is handcrafted from aluminium blocks.   The headband is stainless steel electro-plated based on bridge suspension technology and fitted with a classy looking black Italian leather headstrap.   The ear cups are a thick luxurious memory foam protein leather-covered ear pads.   The audio performance and build quality are excellent; this headphone dominate most competitors with their monstrous impactful bass and sub-bass, deadly charming and accurate mids and highs that emit charming details from every music track.   It’s designed and catered for serious audiophile listeners and also home entertainment lovers

The Bad:  They are heavy and big sized ear cans that you would likely not bring it outdoors.

The Bottom Line The Apollo Audio Lab Legend X1 is worthy of its name, being a legendary headphone.   The sound performance, bass and clarity are out of the world , breath-taking. We are pretty sure they are the top 5 best-sounding full-size audiophile headphones we’ve heard in the last couple of years.

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Why Word Count Is Important

In the information age, writing clearly and concisely is an extraordinary presentation skill for individuals, professionals, and businesses. Consider writing concisely as a series of tasks finding, evaluating, analyzing, and synthesizing appropriate ideas where you integrate your ideas with those of others.

Being mindful of word count is critical for each technology medium used to reach the audience. A word count of 400 words is typical while writing online, for instance, while applications such as Facebook and Twitter encourage messages that are no longer than a few words. Before you begin preparing a draft, think about the subject, purpose, audience, and goals for the write-up. With an outline for the write-up, prepare the draft with an understanding of how language and knowledge could have the desired impact.

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