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Tago: The Automatic Detective… Technological invention that will conquer the world

Tago Item Tracker for Phone, Keys and More Coming to the Market Soon

An innovative item tracker to easily locate lost items will soon be available on the market.

Tago works with your smartphone to keep track of the items’ whereabouts, reporting the location, date and time along with a map to show where the item was last seen. Using a special patented technology, Tago will help find your keys, wallet, phone or any item you happen to lose.


Also known as the “Automatic Detective “, the Tago item tracker was created in Australia by Alan William and a team of engineers who spent five years perfecting the design and effectiveness of the product. Mr. William and his business partners have completed the development and testing phase and the company is ready to introduce Tago to the consumer market.

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HP 3Par

HP has made good on its promise to upgrade its popular flash-optimised HP 3AR StoreServ systems, they are said to perform much better and be much more efficient while at the same time being much less complex for IT managers and companies to deal with in the day to day upkeep of it.

HP’s refreshed portfolio also includes 3PAR File Persona software and the HP 3AR StoreServ 7440c Converged Flash Array, which HP states provides, “all-flash performance, unified storage agility, hybrid storage affordability and flat backup of 3PAR StoreServ snapshots to HP StoreOnce Backup”.

The Californian based IT giant said that traditional ‘unified storage’ solutions bring with it device merging but does so at the expense of efficiency and performance, but HP claims that it new 3PAR StoreServ 7000c series with the 3PAR File Persona software installed on the system, solves the performance and effectiveness issue by utilising converged file and object-access with the already existing flash optimised block storage. Along with these new devices, a new 3PAR StoreServ Management Console will also integrate all block, file, and object-access management too, further increasing its efficiency.

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Promoted Tweets vs. @Replies: Which is Better?

SocialCentiv outlines the benefits of two popular means of engaging with prospects on Twitter.

When it comes to Twitter marketing, many question whether there is one process that supersedes all. According to SocialCentiv a Dallas based Twitter Marketing tool both Promoted Tweets and @replies can serve an important purpose for businesses in facilitating more effective engagement with potential customers on the top ranked social network. However, @replies provide more one-on-one interaction, which typically yields more effective engagement. In a recent article, the company offers a breakdown of the specific pros and cons of each.

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Next Generation DSLR Remote and High Speed Trigger

Photography buffs take note, there’s a new camera remote in town, loaded with features, and it’s currently a hit on kickstarter. CamsFormer transforms your camera into a lean mean photograph machine.

CamsFormer is the  “Next Generation” in wireless camera remotes that integrates many features into one. Rather than making yet another camera remote, CamsFormer took it to the next level.


To compare it with existing products, CamsFormer is like a CamRanger + Eye Fi + Trigger Trap + Pan/Tilt/Zoom all rolled into one neat wireless smart phone controlled device, that even cost much less than purchasing all of that separately.

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Benefits of adding videos to your Law Firm Marketing

Lawyer Marketing Expert Explains how adding videos can benefit your law firm in your marketing strategy.


If you have tried a lot of marketing strategies for your law firm and you still think it needs more innovative ways to perk up its contents, you might want to try adding videos in your law firm site. Good and high quality contents can help you boost your own firm website’s ranking but you should also learn how to be creative in terms of mixing your text and image contents with videos as well.

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League of Legends and meaning of succeed

League of Legends (LoL)— Launched in 2009 by „Riot games” is one of the most popular games on earth, the game is about online fighting with friends or just random people around the world. League of Legends succeed to make players to stay online for a lot of hours becoming fans and wanting to look like them favorite champions commanding suits from online shop.

It’s a MOBA game, this type of game was firstly played on Warcraft where a lot of persons which wanted to play something new created the map called Dota. League of Legends is based on a gameplay with two bases because there are supposed to be 5 players in each team.Bases are the objective of the game, in League of Legends are called Nexus, and three lanes where at a fixed timing some creatures will spawn and go on each road of lanes, somewhere at half of distance between bases the waves of creatures called creeps by players will fight to fight to reach at towers, but not alone there is the part where players chose a hero from a collection of 110+ champions,any hero can be on a suit for any fan, and each champion will fight with the enemy champions and creatures, to rich gold to buy new gear to become stronger until one of the teams will get the nexus.

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Free vs paid web hosting and website security

Lot of people are skeptical whether to choose free or paid web hosting company. There is a saying free is not always bad which made people to go after the free webhosting company to host the website at beginning. First, you need to understand – How the web hosting works? Every webhosting company has the pre-configured server at their datacenter. Some webhosting company manage to operate their own server some will decide to lease one. To operate these server, they need a lot of revenue. Whether you are hosting your blog or the application that requires huge serveral configuration. Everyone is looking to reduce their hosting bills. Thus, it doesn’t come free for the company that offer you free webhosting service. Well, how do they make money then, they have a paid plan, which is their ultimate way to bind the user.

An icon from icon theme Crystal Clear.

An icon from icon theme Crystal Clear. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you start reaching the good threadsome of traffic in the free webhosting company they will suspend your website. They you don’t have any choice behind upgrading to their paid plan. The paid plan from the user helps them to make money. There is a huge differentiate between their paid and free plan. Also, the tons of free webhosting company had lot of security issue. I have seen tons of example where security is a major concern among free web hosting company.

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Sweetheart empire wasit backless floor length pink prom dresses

Pink is the lighter shade of red that gives us a feeling of fun and happiness. No wonder is the favorite color of many girls and they want a dress of their favorite color as they want something that makes them comfortable and is fun. Prom is a time for fun and happiness. It’s a time to show off yourself to others and show that confidence that you know you have in yourself. To be comfortable in yourself you have to find the dress that best complements you. Show off your own feminine side in one of the several stunning pink prom dresses from here.

Don’t hesitate to find your dream dress online. You don’t have to waste your precious time by going to the tailors to get yourself the prefect dress that fits you when you can select the size, color, sleeve length, sleeve style and just about everything about your dress yourself.  Your dream dress is just a click away. You make your own customized dress with some amazing filters that are provided.


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Nanotechnology That Repels Water

Of all the future technologies in sci-fi novels and movies nanotechnology is arguably one of the most
intriguing. It’s the science of manmade technology on a sub-molecular scale, one billionth of a meter to
be precise. Nanex is bringing that sci-fi into reality with superhydrophobic nano-coatings.

These aren’t microscopic robots or electronics. Nanex’s AquaShield technology is a water repellent
coating built from nano-polymers that literally scare water away. The water proofing spray works by
creating in layman’s terms an inhospitable surface for water molecules. This causes the water molecules
to increase their surface tension and make as little contact as possible. The effect is startling to say the

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How Important is Choosing an Online Article Topic?

Finding Typos and bad writing mistakes every day in news articles is as horrible as everyone makes it out to be. I have learned to enjoy the process of writing even simple emails from start to finish. Call me crazy if you will, but I guarantee that the future of your career can be much more enjoyable if you learn now to enjoy delivering clean documents, articles, and social posts if necessary.  94% of businesses recently surveyed in October noted they are looking for help with social networking. For me, enjoying writing started with choosing the right topics and keeping my work free of typos and other simple mistakes has made a big difference.

Whether you are in high school, college, graduate school or are writing I think having a great topic is key to writing a great article.

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