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Flitto Translator App Review

Flitto is an app that enables one to get accurate and fast translation for a very small charge. It helps to translate 17 languages, among these French, Chinese and English. One is able to translate or acquire a translation. It enables a user to translate, get money, earn points, have fun and assist others while at it. One can also read Facebook posts and Tweets of Kpop Stars such as Big bang, Super Junior, EXO and SNSD among many others. It enables one to read fan art and web comics that are funny in their own language, which is pretty nifty for an app.

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Zimly: the Ultimate Home Media Cloud review

What is Zimly? Simply put, Zimly is a media cloud service for your home. One of the best ones out there to all your media needs. The main idea for creation of this app was to make it possible for you to stream or play any content from your computer to your Chomecast or your mobile device.

Basically what this app allows you to do is to listen to your music and to watch the videos from your PC on your mobile device. You can organize your content by creating folders, playlists etc. You can even connect it with Chromecast and send your music and videos from your computer to the big HD screen TV! One of important features that Zimly’s has is beautiful and simple user interface along with the great design that provides remarkable user experience.

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What is Social Media Marketing

You’ve probably heard the term “social media marketing” tossed around if you hang out with other business owners or marketers.

You may know that it, along with mobile marketing, is “the next big thing.” Even though methods like TV and the radio still work, social media marketing is really where it’s at.

…but what the heck is it? Our friends at sky seo explained ? 

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Get Rummage

Revolutionary New Software Lets You Find Your PC Files Quickly – Review of the Tool

When I got my first computer over a decade ago (yes, I’m a millennial), I thought I was the most tech savvy person in the entire home—no, the universe.  Sadly, I was wrong, and it’s a good thing I came to this realization.  Because if I didn’t, I would still be stuck with the same old backward thinking ways that kept me from searching for smarter tools to make my computing experience more enjoyable and efficient.
So what made me come to this realization?

The answer is it was a lost file.

During my video editing days I wanted to become a ‘music video maker’ extraordinaire.  I made countless music videos using picture and video clips I found on the Internet, and I had a relatively good system—or so I thought—for managing and storing the files.  I would usually create a main folder with a name that is specific to the videos I was making.  Then I would add subfolders to hold any other relevant content that dealt solely with the main video.  Long story short, eventually I had accumulated so many folders that I lost track of what was in what.  I had a general idea of what’s inside each individual folder, but I couldn’t track down exactly what I needed at any given time.

Fast forward a few years, and I now know that a music video maker is actually a producer or director, and I’ve also picked up a few things when it comes finding things on a computer.

One of the tools I recently tested out that blew my mind away was Rummage.  If you’re looking for software that makes it easy for you to organize and retrieve your files at any given time, then this is it.  Rummage basically lets you automatically tag files with metadata descriptions without you having to do anything more than usual.  Think of Rummage as a personal Google search engine designed specifically to index your files and information.

Rather than making folders and then adding endless numbers of subfolders, people can easily leverage Rummage to add descriptive tags to their files, and from the control panel search for the tags to easily access these files.  The files themselves can be stored locally or synced with Dropbox … it’s just a matter of whether or not Rummage has indexed the file.  The program also scans the actual documents to search for pertinent information regarding the files to enable people to quickly search for documents using various keywords.

There is a lot more to Rummage than just a simple indexing tool, but all the features and functionalities it possesses are easy to comprehend and utilize.  It just takes a little bit of patience to learn.  However, the learning curve is justifiable once users figure out what a fantastic tool Rummage is.
Usability: 4 out of 5
User Interface: 4 out of 5
Functionality: 4 out of 5
Overall Software Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

Author: Deren Stevens, technology/business enthusiast and reviewer.  @derenstevens
Software Reviewed:
Software Twitter Handle: @getRummage

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Using Veins for Security

Biometrics is the science of measuring and analyzing inherent human characteristics for authentication purposes.

Traditionally, technologies have already been developed to use finger print, the iris and retina of the eye, geometry of the face, odour and gait in establishing the identity of the person. Another recent innovation of this industry is the vein scanning technology which defines the usage of blood vessels’ visibility and patterns for biometric security system application.

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What Type of Internet Connection Is Best Suited For Me

Looking to change your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) or planning on upgrading can be somewhat frustrating and confusing. With several different types of Internet Connections being offered at times making the right choice can be confusing. The one sure-fire term everyone knows of is “Broadband”.

Broadband is actually a term used to cover the always-on type of internet connection which includes, DSL, Cable, Satellite and Fibre Optic. These are all high speed internet connections that are always connected to the internet. There is one other option, which funnily enough is Dial-Up internet. Yes Dial-Up connections do still exist but we will not be looking at that into great detail. So here is a look at the types of connections available and some pros and cons about each.

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Make Your Business Smarter with Physical Security Information Management System

Using PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) is a great way to secure your building from harm.

The dream of making businesses smarter is partially realized thanks to the innovative Physical Security Information Management or PSIM system.


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Repeat youtube videos using

Youtube is the biggest Video sharing website and is ahead of other similar sites by a wide margin. The problem with youtube is that it doesnt has a repeat button. So if you want to continuously play a video in youtube then you cannot do it. You will have to replay your favourite track each time its end it. It spoils the party. And creating and managing playlist is also cumbersome. you will have to create an account and login everytime to create a playlist. You cannot add videos to it on the go. Whenever you search for a video then the page gets refreshed and the currently playing video is gone. So all in all the interface of youtube is not very user friendly.

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New Temperature Controller Pays For Itself In No Time

Hello! We’d like to tell you about a revolutionary new product called the Room Central. Room Central is a plug in controller that controls your room heaters in the winter, and air conditioners in the summertime allowing you to save energy through a smartphone or tablet. Room Central supports: new heaters, low cost heaters, more mature heaters, and room air conditioners, as well as any device with mechanical heating or cooling controls.

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Farming Simulator 14

Experience with the Farming Simulator 14 for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita the ultimate farm-fun on the go! After the worldwide success of the Farming Simulator series on different platforms virtual farmer must now plow from June this year also on their mobile consoles, sow and reap!

Farming Simulator 14 for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita: available from June 2014 in Europe and North America in the trade or for download via Nintendo e-Shop and PlayStation Network.

New graphics and dynamics engine, new visual special effects, new controls, new gameplay and of course a new expansive map; Farming Simulator 15 combines all the right ingredients for an even richer and more detailed agricultural experience on PC this October and early 2015 console!

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