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World’s smallest datacenter

Clusterbit developed the World’s smallest datacenter 

64 cores of high performance computing at your desk

Laval, CA – We now have the freedom to test a wide variety of solutions without the need to run loud, hot, expensive high end hardware or outdated power hungry servers. The project began in March 2014 with both co-geeks Raffi Manoian and Zohrab Tavitian who founded Clusterbit. They decided to cram 8 credit card size servers into a little box and develop an open source platform where home enthusiasts, IT professionals, Linux technicians as well as high end-users can explore new possibilities.

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VPN Service and benefits of using one

Data security assumes great importance in the digital world. If you are a lay person not exposed to the technicalities of how the internet works or how a battalion of hackers around the globe get to scan your emails or other important documents that you send across the internet, it is perhaps time that you understand the role and importance of a VPN service. Some of the salient features and benefits of VPN services are enumerated below to help you traverse the digital world more securely.

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Store working

Point of Sale system and cash register are very important devices when it comes to proper store working. In fact having one of these devices is a must for all store owners.

First of all, point of sale system has the ability to process a larger range of products and this is the main reason why it is used in larger stores. It also gives an opportunity for the operator to manage more daily activities like refunds, time clocks, income maximization and more. Owners of restaurants and business in this industry will find point of sale systems very useful because they can also offer table and reservation management. These systems also have advanced analysis and reporting features that will ease the job for the one operating it. Indirect advantages include – better workflow, better customer service and handling large group of customers with ease.

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Point of sale systems

There are many different types of point of sale systems being used today by merchandisers. With the advent of computerization, there are now numerous innovations in both the hardware and software used. Many modern POS system allow users to add devices such as credit card readers, bar-code scanners, invoice printers, and electronic cash drawers.

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Tips for Searching For a Reliable Computer Support Company

One of the most critical areas of any automated business is IT support. If any key business process in your organization is automated, you need to make sure that it’s running smoothly 24/7. This could require you to hire an in-house support team or outsource to an IT support company.

In your search for a reliable computer support company, you will realize that most vendors only give you a vague picture of what they do. The services they provide are not only confusing, but also don’t guarantee the clarity and responsiveness you need.

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League Of Legends T shirts online shop

We are happy to announce that today we have unveiled a variety of new products and extended discounts to our already existing stock of clothing. This is a boost to the online shopping sector which has seen an increase in the number of consumers who prefer the convenience of making a purchase from the comfort of their homes. Our online fashion shop proudly announces the introduction of a bigger variety of new products that can appeal to a wider scope of consumers. We are determined to make online purchase of clothing much convenient by being customer oriented and reducing the number of transactions needed. We are also determined to ensure that every product bought by a customer has the lowest possibility of being unsatisfactory.

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Qualified electrical installer

Contracting a qualified electrical installer is important to the success of your business or servicing requirements. If or when an individual are is in need of an effective and reliable electrical installer who can perform your installation at the envisaged date and provides you a viable quote, then there should be no more significant electrician than the one which has got the permit and certification to do the work. A trained electrician is additionally in a position to undertake diverse cases of electrical installs and servicing at your maximum comfort and ease.

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Five Reasons to Trade In Your Electronics

Everyone has a junk drawer, and yours may include paper clips, Post-It notepads, pens and pencils, some tape, and a few old mobile phones. Not sure what to do with your old smartphone or tablet once you have upgraded? Trading in your device has some distinct advantages.

1. Cash money, honey! Trading in your device allows you to use the trade-in cash to upgrade to the latest technology. Instead of keeping your old phone in a drawer where it is completely useless, why not opt to trade up by trading in? You will love the new features of an upgraded device, and let’s face it, maintaining your old device has become a hassle.

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Web Design and SEO goes hand in hand

If you look at most successful websites, you will likely notice a seamless integration of great web design and SEO optimized content. The companies that run these sites have discovered the value of using these online tools simultaneously to increase traffic to the site resulting in increased sales. It is therefore important that at the beginning stages of web development, SEO strategies are outlined so that the website can be ranked highly on search engines from the onset. The best way to ensure that the website meets the required standards is to work with a design studio that has experience in creating such sites.

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Adaptive Or Responsive Website Design? Which One Is Better?

Adaptive Or Responsive Website Design? Which One Is Better?

The comparison between the adaptive and responsive website design is probably one of the most common happenings on the internet these days. Not to mention, many people visit blogs, forums and other online platforms only to know the difference between the two since the thin line between these two is quite ambiguous for non-technical people. For website designers and business owners it is immensely important to deploy the best website design to meet the needs of internet users and website visitors from all around the world. An old and static website design is amiss today for any business.

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