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Ram and Seetha

Deivam Thandha Veedu The episode begins with Ram and Seetha, Ram brings Seetha’s eyes tied up with a cloth holding her hand. Everybody in his house seems happy to see Ram holding her hand. Sumithra, Paatti, Chitra were all ready for Seetha’s birthday. The kids also welcomed her for the party. But Priya seems very irritated to see this celebration. Ram lights up a candle and hands over to Seetha, Seetha lights up her birthday candle. Priya’s mother acting happily and sings a the happy birthday song, but its so weird for others and everybody started looking at Priya’s mom.

Chitra asked her shockingly whether its Seetha’s birthday and the complete crowd was shocked. Bhanumathi, was looking skeptical and Patti tells her that its Krishna Jayanthi, but Bhanumathi unknowingly told that today is Seetha’s birthday. Everybody started wishing her and asks her why she didn’t inform them about her birthday. Seetha’s brother-in-law also wishes her and says how lucky she is. Everyone starts questioning Bhanumathi that why didn’t she informs them about Seetha’s birthday. Bhanumathi somewhat tackles everyone. Paatti asks seethawhy she also didn’t inform them. Suddenly Seetha starts crying and she told that today is also her father’s death anniversary and so she don’t want to celebrate her birthday.

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Video Conference Acoustic Echo Cancellation

When a person is utilizing video conferences in their business, there are tons of software and tools that they are going to need in order to make sure that the video conference goes off without a hitch. If the person does not have the right tools and software they may find that the video conference is of low quality. Some common problems that could be reported is bad sound quality, poor picture quality, a connection that keeps getting interrupted, and basically the video conference will be more frustration than being beneficial to the company.

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